Anal Fckr White

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Most masturbators around are torch-like devices set in rigid cases. Erolution has decided to do things differently. With an Erolution masturbator there is no case. The whole fleshy sleeve rests in your hand, bringing you closer to the product and enhancing enjoyment. Thanks to this unique design feature, you get more control over the experience and with a small squeeze you can boost pleasure, tightening the channel right at the point of climax.

Thanks to its unique Feelsoft material, the Anal Fckr is unlike any male masturbator around. Featuring a narrow tunnel 1.7cm in diameter and 16.5cm in length that is furnished with a random array of contours, the Anal Fckr provides extra sensation to stimulate the shaft and head of the penis when in use ensuring maximum pleasure.

With three colours to choose from, you can discover a new kind of pleasure that's just as good as your best anal experience but is always ready to pleasure and please you.

The Erolution Anal Fckr's Feelsoft material is thermo responsive, which means you can heat it with the Erolution Hot Stick, making the Anal Fckr's tight narrow channel warm like a real mouth.

If that's not enough why not add some wetness to your Erolution Anal Fckr with one of Erolution's three custom-made lubes giving you heat, wetness or a cooling sensation to try out.