Arcana Wand Vibration and E-Stim

The future is here. The handheld Arcana Electro Vibe wand from Zeus Electrosex is everything you could want in a sex toy now and in the future.

By combining vibration with electronic stimulation, Arcana is the perfect introduction to electrosex giving consumers the comfortable familiarity of vibration with the option of stepping up the pleasure with the deeply intense feeling of electronic stimulation.

Measuring 12.75 inches in length with a 2.4 inches in diameter head, Arcana is comparable in size to most standard wands. But the big difference is in the Arcana's flexible head, which comes complete with two stimulation bands that conduct the electric current into the body. Using these bands, consumers can take their orgasm to the next level, switching on the intensely satisfying electronic pulses at the point of orgasm for a more fulfilling experience.

Offering five modes of vibration and five levels of electronic stimulation, users can mix and match sensations or stick with one or the other Ÿ?? giving them a huge array of options.

Arcana is powered by a UK mains plug that doesnŸ??t require an adapter. Unlike many electrosex units, a separate power source is not required

Both vibration and electronic stimulation is controlled by a series of five buttons conveniently located on the ArcanaŸ??s handle - making the Arcana exceptionally simple to use.