Freshim & Fresher Duo Pack Intimate Deodorant for Couples

Perfect for couples who like to feel at their freshest, a Freshim for him and Fresher for her.

At the end of the day, the person who you want to impress the most is your lover, so don’t suffer the embarrassment of unclean and foul smelling genitals. Freshim and Fresher refresh and purify the genitals, leaving a subtle pleasant fragrance behind which will not only please your lover it will also give you more confidence.

Designed for men and women, the Freshim & Fresher Duo Pack contains two 25ml sprays, one for him and one for her, both of which will help tackle the problem of nasty smelling genitalia and will work to maximise cleanliness with just a few sprays every day.

Smells around the genitals are a natural reaction to bacterial break down of normal liquids found in and around the penis and vagina. They can also be caused by sweat, which contributes to the problem. The unique formula of Freshim and Fresher works to neutralise these problems, purifying the area and making it smell perfumed.

These two revolutionary products are the first to be released that are designed specifically for use on the genitals. Many alternatives are not designed for the genitals and can therefore cause irritation. Thanks to the carefully produced formula of Freshim and Fresher, your genitals will not only be cleansed and feeling fresh they will be free from irritation.

This pack of intimate sprays is ideal for couples to prepare for sex. Perfect for everyday use, these sprays are ideal for times when showering is not an option, such as long journeys or festivals.

Fitting neatly in a pocket or handbag, both sprays are extremely discreet and only require only a couple of applications during the day for 24 hour support. They are both quick drying and non-greasy.

The Freshim & Fresher Duo pack contains a 25ml bottle of Fresher and a 25ml bottle of Freshim.