Frisky Apprentice Cuffs

Designed for heavy duty use whilst being exceptionally comfortable, the Marquis Wristlet Cuffs from Frisky are ideal for role-play when the wrists need to be restrained.

Kept together by a spring-loaded metal clip, which bind to a D-ring, these cuffs provide a solid restraint that can be detached and clipped back together in seconds.

Bound by heavy-duty woven nylon straps, the Marquis Wristlet Cuffs are adjustable so fit a variety of wrists sizes and as they are fastened with Velcro the wearer gets a custom fit every time.

If you have tried other cuffs before you’ll probably have noticed that most dig into the skin which limits the amount of time you use them. Traditional cuffs can often tighten, especially during vigorous movement, making them impractical. The Marquis Wristlet Cuffs don’t suffer with either of these problems. Each cuff is lined with neoprene giving them a passed lining making them exceptionally comfortable and as they are fastened with Velcro they don’t tighten or become loose during use.

Because the fastening system uses a clip and D-ring setup, the Marquis Wristlet Cuffs can be used in a variety of ways – allowing you to bond your partner’s wrists to a number of objects – depending on how creative you are.

Each cuff is approximately 16 inches in total length and 2 inches wide.