Frisky Black Bond Rope

If you enjoy tying up your lover or being tied-up yourself then you need a rope that is durable and comfortable, keeping you safe and secure and injury-free.

The Flesh and Spirit Bondage Rope from Frisky is better than your average rope as it has been designed with the task of bondage and domination in mind giving adventurous couples the correct equipment to restrain and suppress without risking injury of their partner.

Created for responsible couples, the Flesh and Spirit Bondage Rope has many uses and can be used to restrain the wrists, ankles and legs and is suitable to bond the body in a variety of ways – making this product ideal for anyone experienced in rope bondage.

Offering almost limitless possibilities, rope bondage provides one of the most diverse methods of domination and restriction commonly practiced today and if done correctly can give both lovers an incredible power play experience.

The Flesh and Spirit Bondage Rope from Frisky measures 16 feet long and is 0.5 inches thick. This rope is made from polypropylene, which is soft on the skin even when tied tight, and reduces the amount of friction and chaffing users might experience when using alternative materials.