Frisky Handle Me

Great for restricting arm movement, these high-quality wrist restraints not only prevent the wearer from controlling his or her arms they also look great.

Made with a faux leather finish, the Frisky Handle Me Wrist Cuffs are solid and sturdy and use adjustable Velcro straps to give the wearer a tight custom-fitting hold around the wrists. Each cuff features black velvet detailing and are secured together with a clip lock and D-ring system, keeping the wearer’s wrists tightly bound together.

Not only does the D-ring system enable the wearer to release the device quickly, it also allows people to use these rings to clip the handcuffs to other apparatus offering a wealth of possibilities for the adventurous.

Designed to be more comfortable than traditional solid frame handcuffs, Frisky Handle Me Wrist Cuffs flex with movement which eliminates chaffing, cutting and bruising. Because they are wider than standard-sized cuffs, pressure is dispersed over a wider area for extra comfort.

The Frisky Handle Me Wrist Cuffs are made from a combination of PU leather, velvet, metal and Velcro. Each cuff fits wrists between 8 and 11.5 inches in circumference and are 2 inches in width.