Geisha Super Ball Purple

This silicone kegel ball by Geisha is specially designed to provide great sensation and G spot stimulation whilst worn inside the vagina and is also ideal for pelvic toning. It's designed to continuously rotate and massage, which makes wearing it really pleasurable.

Weakness of the pelvic floor muscles can occur as a result of childbirth or with age. The Geisha Super Ball is the perfect solution as it re-strengthens these muscles, for better sensation during sex and an improved feeling for partners.

The Geisha Super Ball gradually strengthens and tightens the vaginal muscles, as it causes them to tense to keep the ball inside. The ball measures 3.5cm in diameter and is made from safe and comfortable phthalate-free silicon.

Whether you're purchasing the Geisha Super Ball as a pelvic floor exerciser or a pleasure aid, it's designed to look and feel great. The smooth surface makes it easy to insert and withdraw and easy to clean ready for its next use. It's discreet so it can be worn whilst out and about and no-one need know. It's also great for use during foreplay with partners or simply as part of masturbation.

The Geisha Super Ball is available in purple or black, is completely waterproof and is easily removed using the securely attached chord loop.