Herbal Skin Doctor Hair Away Cream

Created as a pain-free alternative to waxing and shaving to remove body hair, Herbal Skin Doctor’s Hair Away Cream is the natural way to rid your body of unsightly hair and achieve beautiful smooth looking skin that feels fantastic.

Designed for use on areas of stubborn hair growth and capable of removing the thickest of body hair, to use just apply Herbal Skin Doctor Hair Away Cream to problem areas then leave for a few minutes and wash away – taking the problematic hair with it.

Like other depilatory creams, Herbal Skin Doctor Hair Away Cream targets the root of the follicle and weakens it quickly, releasing the hair and ensuring painless removal and long-lasting results. But unlike other creams, thanks to the natural ingredients in this product, Herbal Skin Doctor Hair Away Cream achieves great results without using harmful chemicals that can burn often leave the skin looking reddened and feeling sore.

Herbal Skin Doctor Hair Away Cream can be used on a variety of areas all over the body including arms and legs and helps men and women achieve that beautiful smooth look – perfect for the beach.

This product contains two natural active ingredients - Almond Oil and Boswellia – and comes in 150ml tubes. It is recommended users patch test on an area of skin before use.