Jes Extender Rubber Strap White

The Jes range of extenders is one of the most popular traction methods of penis enhancement available. By using a Jes Extender’s variable levels of traction it offers the potential, when used regularly and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, of increasing both the length and the girth of the penis.

For the effective use of the Jes Extender it is important that the penis is held firmly at each end. Only by maintaining a firm grip is it possible to achieve the desired results. As it is possible to wear the device during the day under loose-fitting clothes it needs to be attached well enough to prevent it coming loose. Similarly, it needs to be held securely in place while the wearer is asleep.

For those people who find that their Jes Extender does come loose the Rubber Strap provides a practical solution. It can simply replace the strap that comes with each extender to give a more secure fit. Made from flexible rubber, the strap can be adjusted using its integral buckle to fit perfectly.

The benefits of using the strap are two-fold. Firstly, it gives real peace of mind that the Jes Extender will be secured in place and, secondly, it can ensure that the required level of traction is maintained at all times.