Jes Extender Spares And Parts - Hex Piston Left

The Jes range of extenders is one of the most popular traction methods of penis enhancement available. By using a Jes Extender’s variable levels of traction it offers the potential, when used regularly and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, of increasing both the length and the girth of the penis.

The beauty of the Jes Extender range is the ease with which each device can be adjusted to provide precisely the right level of resistance and tension in line with the user’s progress. By gradually increasing both the penis may steadily become enlarged until the user’s aim is reached.

The Hexagonal Pistons are vital components in the spring mechanisms that regulate the resistance so it is important that they are always in the best condition for use. Occasionally it may become necessary to replace one or both of the pistons if they become damaged or misshapen.

This is the precision-made left hand hexagonal piston to replace a damaged component. It is important to check that this is the correct side before ordering as the right hand piston will not fit. For reference, it is for the left hand side as the wearer looks down on the Extender in use. Right hand pistons are also available.