Jes Extender Spares And Parts - Right Hand Screw

Tens of thousands of men who want to gain extra inches in girth and length have turned to the Jes Extender, a non-invasive device that uses traction techniques to help the body develop naturally adding extra size to the penis.

This official Jes Extender part is a replacement piece for anyone who has damaged their existing Jes Extender Right Hand Screw.

The Jes Extender Right Hand screw is one of the most delicate parts of the Jes Extender and if not treated carefully can easily be bent whilst adjusting and cleaning the device.

Because this piece links the Basal Ring, which fits around the base of the penis, and the elongation bars it is important to keep this part fully functional otherwise performance of the Jes Extender can be compromised.

Replacing the Jes Extender Right Hand Screw is simple. It uses a screw fitting meaning the old Jes Extender Right Hand Screw comes away easily and the new one is quick to put in place.

As with other parts, failure to replace a damaged Jes Extender Right Hand Screw could result in progress slowing down or halting completely or may even result in pain and injury. If your Jes Extender has developed a fault it is advised that parts should be changed immediately.