Jes Extender Spares & Parts - Basal Ring Bolt Left Hand

Tens of thousands of men who want to gain extra inches in girth and length have turned to the Jes Extender, a non-invasive device that uses traction techniques to help the body develop naturally adding extra size to the penis.

Designed to hold the handscrews, which keep the elongation bars in place, the Jes Extender Basal Ring Bolt allows free movement whilst wearing the Jes Extender, so no matter whether you are sitting, standing or walking about the Jes Extender will continue to stay in place.

A properly functioning Basal Ring Bolt will ensure complete discretion when using the Jes Extender, enabling the user to carry out his regular activities without any disruptions.

If you lose or damage your current Basal Ring Bolt then your Jes Extender will not only not work properly it could also result in discomfort, pain and injury if you continue to use the device without one.

This replacement part ensures that the Jes Extender continues to function properly and is easy to install, taking just a few seconds to set up.

The Jes Extender Basal Ring Bolt is an official Jes Extender part and works with all models of the Jes Extender penis enhancement device.