Jes Extender Spares & Parts - Cohesive Gauze

The Jes range of extenders is one of the most popular traction methods of penis enhancement available. By using a Jes Extender’s variable levels of traction it offers the potential, when used regularly and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, of increasing both the length and the girth of the penis.

As all users will know, the Jes Extender works by gently stretching the penis which, in turn, can lead to increased cell growth and development.

Because this involves the extender holding the penis at the base and near the tip this can sometimes cause a limited amount of discomfort. For this reason many users like to take the added precaution of using the maker’s own Cohesive Gauze.

The gauze can be wrapped around the penis in the areas in which the Extender is in contact with it and provides a soft, comfortable barrier. As it is lightly adhesive, or cohesive, the material will not slip – but the level of adhesion is low enough to avoid pain when it is removed.

A further, very important, benefit of using the gauze is that it allows for an even more secure fit for the Jes Extender thus reducing the chance that it will slip off when in use.