Jes Extender Spares & Parts - Soft Attach

The Jes range of extenders is one of the most popular traction methods of penis enhancement available. By using a Jes Extender’s variable levels of traction it offers the potential, when used regularly and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, of increasing both the length and the girth of the penis.

Key to the successful use of the Jes Extender is the user’s ability and commitment to follow the regime that is recommended for them. This, essentially, means being able to wear the device for as long and as often as is practical.

Because this can entail wearing it for several hours at a time it can lead to some discomfort, particularly at the pressure points where the penis is in contact with the device’s silicone tubing.

To help alleviate this situation it is now possible to buy the Jes Extender Soft Attach. This is made from a soft plastic material and has a groove running along it which allows it to be clipped to the silicone tubing at the point where it can be most effective.

By making the Jes Extender more comfortable to wear it can work wonders for increasing the user’s motivation, enabling them to possibly achieve their aims in an even shorter timeframe.