Lily Pod Attachment

Versatile and user friendly, the Lily Pod Attachment gives you a variety of naughty options to try. Just attach to your wand and revel in the fun with this externally stimulating accessory.

The Lily Pod Attachment is great for men and women. Placed over the vagina, testicles or over the breasts, nipples or tip of the penis, this sexy, sensual tip will top off any kind of wand play you had in mind.

This specially designed cup attachment has a large scoop which fits perfectly around the testicles or vagina, ideal for resting the device in a relaxed position to free up your hands. Once positioned, vibrations from the wand are transferred to the nodules located within the scoop – which pleasure the user when contact is made with the skin.

The Lily Pod Attachment is latex and Phthalate free and is compatible with most full-sized wands and smaller wands when using an adapter.

This product requires a regular-sized wand massager and is compatible with a range of brands, including Wand Essentials own range of full-sized wand massagers. To use, simply fit the attachment over the massager tip and when in use the vibration will be transferred through the whole of the attachment.