Magnum Nipple Enhancement Kit

The Size Matters Nipple Enhancement Kit is a nipple pump designed specifically for arousal and to improve sexual play.

Comprising of a hand-operated pump connected to two elongated cylinders that attach to the nipples, this pump can be used to draw blood into the nipples for temporarily improved sensation or for elongation of the nipple for up to 15 minutes.

To operate the device, simply place the cylinders over each nipple and depress the hand-pump trigger; this will withdraw air from each cylinder, creating vacuum pressure that engorges each nipple. Further depressing of the trigger causes increased pressure which adds to sensation and can lead to temporarily elongated nipples.

This device can then be used to maintain pressure on the nipples or can be removed, leaving the nipples in an aroused state. Because the Size Matters Nipple Enhancement Kit draws blood into the nipples, this device can also help to increase sensitivity, improving contact once the cylinders have been removed.

Continued regular use of the Size Matters Nipple Enhancement Kit has been known to help men and women with inverted nipples gain a more pronounced nipple.

Thanks to the inclusion of a pressure gauge located at the head of the pump, the Size Matters Nipple Enhancement Kit enables the user to regulate pressure therefore making the device far safer to use than most entry-level nipple pumps.

Size Matters Nipple Enhancement Kit comes with a Pump that measures approximately 12cm by 21cm and two cylinders each of which measure 10cm by 3.5cm.