Male Edge Pro

Created for the designer generation, Male Edge male enhancement devices offer a vast improvement in aesthetics and practicality compared to many of their penis extension device counterparts.

Made with toughened plastic, the Male Edge Pro gives results that are just as good as devices like the Jes Extender but thanks to its plastic finish many users argue that the Male Edge Pro feels more comfortable because it isn’t cold to the touch and plastic doesn’t rub the skin when moist, unlike metal.

Designed as a male enhancement product, the Male Edge Pro uses traction techniques that increase cellular division in the penis, causing the body to regenerate and grow additional tissue.

Similar to the way muscles develop and physically increase in size, traction exploits the body’s natural inclination to regenerate, localising the expansion to the penis area in the most effective way possible.

By continually applying force to the penis and stretching it out further than the penis would naturally rest in its dormant state, users of extension devices slowly begin to trigger this cellular division painlessly – because the process is gradual - and without any side effects.

To ensure effective results, the Male Edge Pro features a loop that is worn around the base of the penis shaft and a strap that can be tightened around the end of the penis. Between these two points are spring-loaded rods that push the tip of the penis away from the body, stretching the shaft continuously.

Worn several hours per day, the Male Edge Pro gives noticeable results within weeks.

The Male Edge Pro comes in a black and red finish and is supplied in a durable and discreet storage case that measures 19.5cm x 9cm x 6cm. The kit comes with a Male Edge Pro male enhancement device, 4 x straps, travel bag, 2 x protection pads, gauze and measure.