Master Series Ass Relax Desentising Anal Gel

Designed for all types of anal penetration, Ass Relax Anal Desensitizer helps ease the potential discomfort associated with anal penetration and is ideal for those wanting to try anal penetration for the first time or for those wishing to experiment with larger dildos or anal plugs.
Applied directly to the anus, this silken liquid glides on seamlessly, creating a light numbing effect, keeping your partner comfortable so you can master their pleasure.
Suitable for all types of anal penetration, including the use of devices such as dilators and dildos, Ass Relax Anal Desensitizer by Master Series should be applied around 15 minutes before sexual stimulation – allowing the liquid to fully absorb.
Once applied, the numbing action should start to work almost immediately and an average application will allow for approximately half an hour of pain-free use.
This product has been designed for those who have experienced discomfort during anal stimulation and want to reduce the pain associated with anal sex allowing them to develop their comfort levels naturally without any irritation.
Each bottle features an easy to use cap, which helps to reduce mess and allow for direct application. Bottles contain 4.25fl oz (126ml) of Master Series Ass Relax Desentising Lube.