Master Series Astral Large P-Spot Stimulator Anal Plug

A beautiful anal plug worthy of anyone’s collection, the Astral p-spot stimulator is designed to directly target the prostate and perineum for maximum stimulation and improved male climax. Featuring a weighted interior ball that rolls around with movement for stronger sensation, this device has been designed with motion in mind; the more you move the Astral, the more the ball rolls and the greater the feeling when that movement is transferred into pressure on the prostate. Targeting the prostate is no problem with the Astral. An easy grip handle at the base of the device with finger holes can be used manoeuvring the device and doubles as a safety feature for easy retrieval. The long slim neck of the Astral reduces pressure on the sphincter muscles and allows you to push and pull, rock and roll the device internally making the most of its large stimulating head. Thanks to its use of hypoallergenic ABS plastic, the Astral is easy to clean and will not harbour unsafe bacteria. To clean, simply wash with warm water and mild soap. The rigid material has a matte texture designed for easy insertion with a skin-soft feel. To improve insertion, this device is compatible with a range of lubricants including silicone and water-based lubricants. The Astral measures 6 inches in total length, 5 of which are insertable. It has a 1.7 inches in diameter shaft at widest point.