Master Series Bauhaus Precision Nipple Vice

Designed for precision and strength, the Bauhaus Nipple Vice comes to with two clamps that can be adjusted to varying levels of tightness making them perfect for beginners and those who like a tighter and less comfortable fit. Easy to alter, each clamp has its own adjustable screw located at the base of each device that can be tightened or slackened in seconds giving the wearer a custom fit that caters to his or her needs. Suitable for men and women, although the Bauhaus Precision Nipple Vice is designed specifically for use on the nipples because the clamps are adjustable they can be used almost anywhere on the body where the user might enjoy a pinching sensation. Because the tips of the Bauhaus Precision Nipple Vice are covered in soft TPR with the addition of a delicate curve at the very end, this device will grip the skin firmly without not chafing or cutting into the skin. Connecting each clamp is a 12 inch chain that hangs from the wearers nipples and can be used to gently tug the nipples for added sensation or as a lead to guide the wearer and parade them around the room during sub-dom roleplay. The Master Series Bauhaus Precision Nipple Vice is made from a combination of metal and TPR. Each clamp measures 3 inches in length and opens to 0.5 inches wide. The chain measures 12 inches in length.