Master Series Diabolic Erection Enhancer

Men looking for a high-quality penis and testicle restricting ring need look no further – the Diabolic from the Master Series not only feels great, it looks fantastic and holds the penis and testicles firmly as well as providing a little more for men to enjoy.

Looking unlike any penis ring you have seen before, the Diabolic Erection Enhancer features two rings – a circular ring for the penis and a letterbox-style ring for the testicles, underneath which is an additional perineum stimulating ring, which rests against the perineum when worn – ideal for additional stimulating when moving and walking around whilst wearing the device.

Just like standard erection rings, the Diabolic has been designed to constrict the base of the penis shaft and will lock in blood for up to 30 minutes. This helps men who struggle maintaining an erection for long periods, as well as enabling men to achieve a really full, hard erection that feels better than usual.

Because the Diabolic Erection Enhancer also restricts the testicles, pushing them away from the body, the wearer can enjoy the sensation of a tighter scrotum, which is particularly enjoyable when engaging in physical activity. With the testicles stretched, the wearer will enjoy enhanced sensation when stimulated.

Unlike standard penis rings, the solid and sturdy design of the Diabolic Erection Enhancer means that pinching is virtually eliminated, ensuring users can wear the device for extended periods without irritation. This device is made from smooth and stretchy TPR, which is easy to put on and stretch over the penis and testicles.

The Diabolic Erection Enhancer measures 5.13 inches long, 2.37 inches wide and each of the cock and ball openings have an internal width of 1.47 inch.