Master Series Libertine Faucet Plug

Created for men, the Master Series Libertine Faucet Plug stretches the urethra for a unique filled sensation. Thanks to its additional faucet spout feature, the wearer can pass fluids through the sound with a unique spray effect.

Made with a tapered shaft, the Libertine Faucet Plug stays in place comfortably when inserted into the urethra. Its thick sides push against the urethra holding it in place whilst offering additional stimulation to men who enjoy the stretching sensation a sound offers.

Because it has been made from stainless steel, the Libertine Faucet Plug can be heated or cooled, adding the extra element of hot and cold play, which many people find exceptionally thrilling.

With the through-hole the wearer pass liquid through this device without removing it, allowing for extended use.

Thanks to the styling of the Master Series Libertine Faucet Plug this plug is not only practical and feels great it is an elegant piece of body jewellery that looks exceptionally impressive.

The Master Series Libertine Faucet Plug measures 2.75 inch overall length, 2 inch insertable length, 0.54 inch max insertable diameter, and has a 1.03 inch diameter Faucet head.