Master Series Monarch Noir Nipple Vice

Created for people who enjoy roleplay, S&M or for those who like to have their nipples tweaked whilst keeping their hands free, the Monarch Noir Nipple Vice from Master Series is a sturdy and versatile duo of nipple clamps that look and feel amazing.
The Monarch Noir Nipple Vice is an effective training tool in the art of endurance and sensation play and offers continuous stimulation of the nipples when attached.
Thanks to the unique clover-style clamps, when the O-ring is pulled, the clamps pressure becomes more intense. This means that the o-ring can be manipulated for a more intense experience.
If you want a tighter grip, why not experiment with the O-ring which will take a variety of attachments. The O-ring can have additional weights clipped to each ring, alternatively the rings can be laced, adding extra pressure to the nipple for a tighter squeeze.
Made from metal, the Monarch Noir Nipple Vice can be heated or cooled for additional stimulation, allowing users to enjoy the pinch of the clamp in addition to the tantalising sensation of hot or cold metal against the skin.
Each clamp measures 3.5 inches long, including rings, and are 1.58 inches wide at their widest point.