Master Series Odax Sensation Wheel 848518000682

The Odax is like a handheld spur, created for those who like the gently tantalizing sensation of having their skin spiked.

Created for those who like to test the limits of sensitivity play, the Odax Sensation Wheel from the Master Series features a spiked wheel emanating from a long handle whilst allows the device to be rolled across the surface of the skin, giving exciting prickles of pleasure as it makes its journey along the body.

Odax has been designed for overall use and will greatly improve sensations in areas not normally associated with pleasure, but when it is used on the erogenous zones and sensitive skin is when the Odax comes into its own and will test the pain/pleasure threshold of its users.

Made of stainless steel and deviously designed with a row of evenly spaced sharp pins that turn smoothly as it rolls across the flesh, the Odax is ideally designed for intense, exquisite pleasure.

Take it to the next level with a little temperature play - the slick material of the Odax can be warmed or cooled for an extra spike of sensation.

Odax by Master Series is made of stainless steel and measures 7 inches in total length with a wheel that measures 1.2 inches in diameter.