Master Series RIM IT Anal Licking Spray

Improve the experience of anal play with Rim It Ass Licking Spray from the Master Series. A flavour-enhancing spray designed purely for anal rimming enthusiasts, Rim It adds a minty flavour to anal licking that makes the experience more enjoyable for the giver by adding the element of taste. In addition to being beneficial to the giver, the subtle mint solution adds a tingling freshness to the receiver, giving a cooling peppermint kick that stimulates the anus making it more sensitive and receptive to the sensation of a lover’s tongue. To use, nothing could be simpler. Just spray Rim It Ass Licking Spray onto the anus of your partner and explore all the fun of rimming, licking, and sucking with a hint of mint. Rim It Ass Licking Spray comes in a convenient pump-action spray bottle for reduces mess, giving the user the best chance of spraying directly on the anus to reduce waste and unwanted drips. The spray also comes with its own cap to reduce the chance for dribbles or leaks during storage. Each Rim It Ass Licking Spray comes in a 2fl oz bottle – plenty for even the biggest anal enthusiast.