Master Series Sukshen 12 Piece Cupping System

Relieve aches, pains and sore muscles, explore a new kind of sensual massage or tantalise your partner with a new form of BDSM play – all of this and more can be experienced with the incredible Master Series Sukshen 12 Piece Cupping System. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, this modern form of cupping is safe, quick and convenient and can be enjoyed in the home. It uses simple vacuum technology to attach to the body, drawing blood into the surface of the skin, increasing blood flow and greatly improving sensitivity. Suitable to be used on knotted, tired and stressed muscles such as the back and calves the effect of blood being drawn to the surface of the skin can help to accelerate the body’s repair mechanism as well as offering general muscle relief. But, when this system is applied to intimate areas like the nipples and clitoris it comes into its own – acting as a sensual precursor to sexual intercourse. To use, simply place one or more cups directly onto the skin, attach the tubing to the top opening of the cup and to the hand-held pump, and then pull the pump trigger to create suction. When the tubing is removed the cups remain in place. For added fun, try lubricating the skin first, which will allow the cups to be slid around the body for different sensations. The Master Series Sukshen 12 Piece Cupping System contains two cups of each of the following inside diameters: 0.625, 1, 1.25, 1.625, 2, and 2.25 inches. Cups are made from ABS plastic and are suitable to be used with a range of lubricants such as water based and silicone lubricants. This product can be cleaned with mild soap and water or specialist adult product cleaner.