Master Series The Motal Coil Sound

For men who want a deep and satisfying sound, the Mortal Coil Sound from the Master Series is the perfect piece of apparatus and has been designed to test even the most experienced fan of urethral play.

Made from stainless steel, the Master Series Mortal Coil Sound is made from a sequence of graduating metallic beads, offering a thin tip for insertion that gets wider and wider as the device is threaded into the urethra.

Because this product is textured with varying sized beads, insertion and removal of the Master Series Mortal Coil Sound offers maximum stimulation and this is aided by the handy ring-pull located on the top of the sound – offering quick and easy removal.

The Mortal Coil Sound has a brushed steel finish which enables this device to be smoothly inserted. It is made from high quality stainless steel and is therefore compatible with a wide variety of lubricants.

Due to the metallic finish of this sound, it is fantastic for hot and cold play; users can heat or cool the device in water – transferring the sensation into the most sensitive part of the penis, so not only will users enjoy the feeling of their urethra being stretched they can also enjoy the added stimulation of temperature play.

The Master Series Mortal Coil Sound measures 6.63 inch overall length and offers 5.13 inch in insertable length, with a 0.49 inch max insertable diameter.