Master Series The Vexing - Penis Jewel

The Vexing Penis Jewel is designed to restrict and tease the wearer by filling the urethra giving a tightening sensation in the head and down the shaft of the penis whilst the ring section of the device restricts the tip of the penis.

When worn, the Vexing Penis Jewel is intended to heighten the sensation of arousal giving the user a unique pleasure/pain sensation as the penis expands and is restricted by the device.

Made with a hollow construct designed to allow the wearer to pass water, the Vexing Penis Jewel can be worn for prolonged periods without being removed.

This premium sound is made of brushed stainless steel and is gently contoured with four smooth swells to increase the pleasure.

The Vexing Penis Jewel is tapered at the end and weighted just right. The plug is attached to a small hinged ring which makes it easier to adjust for fit.

Because it is made of metal, which is great for holding hot and cold temperatures, users of the Vexing Penis Jewel can take it to the next level with a little temperature play by warming the device in warm water or cooling in the refrigerator before insertion.

This device measures 2.88 inch in overall length. The plug section of the device measures 2.38 inches long with a 0.38 inch max insertable diameter. The hinged Ring has 1.3 inches internal diameter.

The Vexing Penis Jewel is compatible with a range of lubricants including water-based and silicone. This device can be cleaned with mild soap and water.