MBO New Erotic Photography 9781849013840

A stunning new collection of over 500 erotic images from the world's leading photographers. These female nudes and erotic portraits some of them self-portraits represent the best new work of over 70 of the most outstanding photographers in the world.

This massive compendium is the third volume in a truly groundbreaking series. It reveals the individual photographers unique and innovative ways of capturing and bringing fresh eroticism to their subjects. Above all, these are pictures which tell stories.

The Mamoth Book of New Erotic Photography contains images from Chas Ray Krider, Alva Bernadine, Peter Gorman, John Santerineross, Dave Naz, Charles Gatewood, Luis Durante, Rebecca Tillett, Michelle Serchuk, Aaron Hawks, Steve Diet Coedde, Craig Morey, Eric Kroll, Richard Kadrey, Christine Kessler and many more.