Nomi Tang Touch Me Red-Violet

Small and discreet but powerful and packed with features, the Nomi Tang Touch me vibrator is a mini vibrator great for keeping in a handbag for those with an adventures spirit who never know when the mood might take them to play.

Elegantly styled, this feminine vibrator is made from soft smooth curves and finished in a sumptuous velvet-feel silicone for an extremely tactile feel.

Like all of the Nomi Tang range, the Nomi Tang Touch Me features a stylish touch-sensitive control system, eradicating the need for buttons. This means the device maintains its smooth and cool exterior and because the device is so sleek it is also much easier to clean therefore far more hygienic.

The Nomi Tang Touch Me vibrator measures 12.5cm in length by 2.5cm in width and runs from a single AAA battery, lasting up to four hours. But don’t let its size fool you into thinking this is not a fully-functional vibrator; unlike other vibrators in this size class, the Nomi Tang Touch Me boasts a range of options and offers a lot of power in addition to 7 different modes of vibration.

Packed with functions, not only does the Nomi Tang Touch Me vibrator have all of those features, it is also extremely powerful, exceptionally quiet, and suitable to use underwater to the depth of 1metre. This means not only can you play with it in the bedroom, you can also take it into the bath or shower.

Nomi Tang Touch Me is made from food grade silicone and soft touch coated ABS and comes in its own storage box.