Nomi Tang Toy Cleaner 100ml

Vibrators, dildo’s and other adult products get dirty, which is why you need to clean them properly, otherwise the next time you come to use them you might be introducing seriously harmful bacteria into your most intimate areas that could cause a variety of health issues.

With the Nomi Tang Toy Cleaner you can ensure your favourite products are safe to use or store within 60 seconds. All it takes is a spray and a thorough rub down before and after each use to give you peace of mind and keep your favourite dildo, vibrator or accessory clean.

Because products like vibrators and dildos come into contact with bodily fluids they become a potential breeding ground for a large variety of bacteria and fungus which can be invisible to the naked eye. Nomi Tang Toy Cleaner is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formula that will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and fungus.

There are many benefits to using Nomi Tang Toy Cleaner as opposed to using soap and water - the main benefit being that your favourite product keeps looking and feeling its best for longer. Other methods of cleaning can leave materials feeling dry and age them prematurely. Because Nomi Tang Toy Cleaner is alcohol-free and has been designed specifically to help maintain your favourite accessory it will stay looking its best as well as being safe.

Nomi Tang Toy Cleaner comes in a 100ml spray, ensuring it is quick and easy to apply.