Nomi Tang Water Based Lubricant 100ml

If you want to make sex feel better, simply try introducing a Nomi Tang Water Based Lubricant. Because of its long-lasting formula and premium quality feel, this lubricant can make a massive difference to the sensation of sexual intercourse.

For those that need a bit more time to achieve an orgasm, a sexual lubricant is a must-have item for the bedroom to ensure that excessive rubbing does not occur, which can lead to rashes, soreness and breaking of the skin.

This can cause tension between lovers and could lead to unsatisfactory sex and potential sexual tension.

Dryness in intimate areas such as the vagina or anus is a common problem experienced by couples, but using a good quality lubricant like will Nomi Tang Water Based Lubricant prevent this and because it has been formulated to be light the Nomi Tang formula has a more naturalistic feeling than many lubricants on the market.

Not only will Nomi Tang Water Based Lubricant help prevent soreness and chaffing, it also helps to heighten the sensation of intimate contact by providing a slippery texture to intimate areas which amplifies friction.

Nomi Tang Water Based Lubricant is condom safe, suitable to use with sex toys and is easy to wash from the body. Because it is water based, Nomi Tang Water Based Lubricant will not stain sheets and can be easily washed away.