Prisms Lotus Thrusting Wand

Experience the sensation of glass with the Lotus Wand from Prisms, a long and slender glass dildo with three tantalising curves and a series of smooth ripples to enjoy.

Hand made from borosilicate glass, the Prisms Lotus Thrusting Wand glass dildo is an elegant piece of sculpture crafted to give pleasure.

Featuring a body measuring 7.75 inch in overall length and a maximum insertable diameter of 1.45 inch, the Lotus Thrusting Wand has two main circular ridges at one end (the handle) and a penis-like dome at the opposite end, under which lies a series of subtle ridges that provide extra stretching sensation when inserted.

Because it is made of glass, the Lotus Thrusting Wand is exceptionally smooth and tactile and its unique physical properties mean the Prisms Lotus Thrusting wand is particularly good for hot and cold play; this means you can heat or cool the Lotus Thrusting Wand and it will retain the temperature long enough to enjoy while the device is in use.

The glass finish also makes this device look much more elegant than a typical dildo and features beautiful lotus flower detailing at one end of the device.

Thanks to the rounded ends, the Lotus Thrusting wand is easy to hold even when lubricated.

As the Lotus Thrusting Wand is made from glass, it is compatible with all major lubricant types including oil, silicone and water based lubricants. Its non-porous surface is also extremely hygienic and very easy to clean using soap and water or a specialist adult product cleaner.