Size Matters Autoboss Battery Powered Pump

Thanks to the Size Matters Autoboss Battery Powered Pump you can now gain an instant erection safely and gently.

Automated for complete comfort and satisfaction, this battery-powered pump offers gentle, controlled suction drawing blood into the penis for a rapid erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

Drawing blood into the penis in this way replaces the natural mechanics of the penis which is particularly useful for those who are struggling to gain a full erection, for those with no ability to get an erection at all, and for men who want a better feeling erection.

Once used and the penis is filled with blood, it can then be secured by a penis ring (sold separately) prior to oral and penetrative sexual intercourse.

Featuring a large clear chamber, users can monitor their progress whilst using the device ensuring the penis becomes fully erect before releasing the pump and securing their erection. This makes the device safer and easier to use than many other penis pumps on the market.

Because the Autoboss Battery Powered Pump is automatic it is particularly good for those who have impaired motor skills, which might be caused by things like arthritis, and might struggle with the manually-operated hand pumps.

The Autoboss Battery Powered Pump measures 11.25 inch overall length, 7.25 inch internal length, 2.45 inch internal diameter. It is made from a combination of ABS and TPE.