SMP Clitoris Enhancement Kit

This advanced clitoral pump from Size Matters has been designed for safety and fun, allowing users to take control of their sex lives by focussing on their clitoris for maximum stimulation with the least amount of effort.

Simple to set up and easy to use, with the Size Matters Clit Enhancement System users can simultaneously maximise the size of their clitoris and improve sensitivity – great for couples and those who want to make masturbation more fun.

With the Size Matters Clit Enhancement system, just a few minutes use is all it takes to expose the clitoris, drawing it out from the labia so it is easier to locate and stimulate; by using vacuum technology, the device localises pressure specifically around the clitoris, drawing blood into the area which makes it expand and improve in sensitivity.

This means that the clitoris is more apparent and has a larger surface area to stimulate – particularly useful for women with a small or inaccessible clitoris who find it hard to locate or achieve sexual stimulation.

The natural expansion caused through using a clitoris pump is temporary, but one good pumping session should keep the clitoris exposed for around thirty minutes. Continued use can also lead to a permanent enlargement of the clitoris if a strict regime is followed.

The Size Matters Clit Enhancement System comes with a pump with pressure gauge for improved control. It also comes with three sizes of clitoris chamber and a small micro bullet for additional stimulation.