SMP Deluxe Metal Pump Handle

Upgrade your Size Matters Penis Pump with this durable steel handle.

The standard Size Matters Penis Pump comes with a plastic pump handle that is great for infrequent use, but if you have strong hands or have owned the pump a while then it can damage easily. That is why Size Matters created this metallic replacement version – enabling you to pump away without the worry you will break your device.

Made with metal and chrome , this tough and long-lasting pump has been designed for men with strong hands – and for those who use their pump daily. Thanks to their metal frame this metal pump handle will be able to last through the rigours high volume users place on their penis pump.

Not only will this pump generate greater suction quicker than a standard pump, its toughened design ensures the handle is less likely to break with wear and tear. Thanks to the addition of easy-grip handles, this device is also more comfortable to use than the standard basic penis pump.

Unlike most penis pump handles, the Size Matters Penis Pump comes with its own pressure gauge – a safety feature that allows users to monitor the amount of pressure their pump generates. This ensures the user stays safe and doesn’t over-pump their penis, which can end up causing damage.