SMP Nipple Honkers AC209

Engorge the nipples and increase nipple sensitivity with these pump-action nipple pumps created by SMP.

With these simple to use pumps, both men and women can either excite the nipples rapidly or give themselves continual hands-free nipple stimulation.

Measuring 13.5cm in length by 6.3cm in diameter, the SMP Nipple Honkers are easy to handle and have a soft squeezable bulb at the top which helps to control suction emitted by the device.

Each cylinder is large enough to accommodate almost any size of nipple and feature an additional bubble which means they are compatible with nipple piercings.

They are also transparent so that users can actually see the nipple becoming engorged.

The SMP Nipple Honkers utilise vacuum forces that draw blood into a localised area, making it swell. Not only does this process make the nipples larger, the nipples also become more sensitive.

Using the SMP Nipple Honkers is easy. Simply place the cylinder over the nipple, squeeze the bulb then release. The cylinder will then attach itself to the skin and place vacuum pressure on the nipple.

Once in place, the SMP Nipple Honkers will either remain attached to the skin or can be removed, leaving the nipples stimulated and more sensitive for anything up to 15 minutes depending how long the devices were left in place and how much vacuum pressure was used.