SMP Penis Extender

Improve the look of your penis with the Size Matters Enlager, one of the most comfortable and discreet ways of achieving gradually improved function without the need for an operation.

Using spring loaded struts that are worn either side of the penis, the Size Matters Penis Enlarger is designed to continually exert stretching traction forces on the penis which can help to slowly increase capacity within the penis leading to gradual size gains.

Simple to use and comfortable to wear, the solid loop part of the device slips around the base of the penis and the top section of the Size Matters Penis Enlarger is held in place by a silicone loop that wraps around the coronal ridge at the tip of the penis.

With the device in place, the metal struts continually push the tip of the penis away from your body, holding it in an elongated position for hours at a time.

This system exploits the traction principle, which is used in hospitals to fix broken bones; by separating tissue over a prolonged period of time the body’s natural response is to regenerate in weaker areas that occur through stress therefore increasing capacity and improving length and girth.

The Size Matters Penis Enlarger measures 12cm x 6cm when assembled and is made from a combination of silicone, metal and plastic.