SMP Power Pump VE916

Introductory penis pump. This one-piece penis pump uses a simple design and helps men to form an erection or improve their existing erection by drawing blood into the penis using vacuum technology.

The Size Matters Power Pump is a budget penis pump designed to improve a man’s erection. Simple in design, this product uses an internal sleeve sock fitted to the base of the vacuum cylinder which ensures air cannot escape from the device and therefore delivers improved results.

Ideal for the first time user, the design of the Size Matters Power Pump has been simplified. The device comes pre-assembled and uses a pneumatic hand pump, rather than a trigger system, ensuring that it is easier to handle, especially for men with motor impediments like arthritis.

Once in place, with the cylinder positioned over the penis, the Size Matters Power Pump creates a vacuum around the penis, drawing blood to the surface of the skin and filling the spongy corpora cavernosa tissue with blood. This creates an erection. When a suitable erection has been achieved, the user can then lock the blood in place using a penis ring (not supplied) and enjoy penetrative sexual intercourse.

The Size Matters Power Pump comes with a 22cm long cylinder, which measures 6.4cm wide and has an internal chamber that measures 20cm by 5cm approximately. The device is made from a combination of TPR, ABS and rubber.