St Herb Breast Enhancement Spray 50ml

For women on the move, you can develop firm breasts and increase breast size with this easy to use daily spray.

Users of StHerb’s breast care products will know all about the breast enhancing properties of these fantastic formulas. But, if you don’t have enough time to massage your breasts on a morning and evening, StHerb’s Breast Spray could be the simple solution to better looking breasts without costing you any time.

StHerb’s creams and serums only take around 3 minutes to massage into the breast, but if you’re running late and don’t have time to keep up your StHerb regime there’s no need to abandon your desire for bigger breasts - simply switch to St Herb’s breast spray, giving you an easier way of applying this great breakthrough formula.

Utilising the wonders of Pueraria Mirifica in addition to a range of other ingredients, StHerb has been able to develop one of the best herbal products on the market for the purpose of breast enlargement. With a range of fine creams and serums, StHerb has kept up its reputation for quality with this excellent breast cream.

Regular use of StHerb’s Breast Spray can increase breast size and improve the firmness of breast tissue. Just spray on and rub in and over the course of a few months your breasts will feel tighter, firmer with added lift and definition.