Super Fckr - Brown

The Erolution Super Fckr is a male massager with a difference. Made from unique Feelsoft material that mimics the texture and elasticity of a vagina, this fleshy male masturbator is completely soft, breaking away from the tired rigid design that dominates the market. This enables the user to take complete control over their masturbation experience, adding a custom made element to their play for a totally new way to appreciate solo indulgence.

Inside the Super Fckr sleeve lies a narrow tunnel 1.7cm in diameter and 16.5cm in length. Along the length of this channel rests a series of soft ridges which give the masturbator a more natural feel because each ridge applies varying pressure to the tip of the penis during insertion and withdrawal.

Unlike conventional male masturbators, the soft outer material of the sleeve enables the user to make the most of this texture inner tube by applying pressure to the most sensitive parts of the penis during use allowing the user to simulate the natural clenching response of a woman's vagina for the ultimate in realism.

For users who are never satisfied, the Erolution Super Fckr's Feelsoft material has another string to its bow when used in conjunction with the Erolution Hot Stick. The Hot Stick exploits the materials thermo responsive properties, heating it so that you can enjoy a pleasing natural warmth wrapped around your penis.

If that's not enough why not add some wetness to your Erolution Super Fckr with one of Erolution's three custom-made lubes giving you heat, wetness or a cooling sensation to try out.