Uberlube Good-to-Go Refil 15ml

These small Überlube On the Go 15ml refills have been designed to sit inside the Überlube Good to Go case, allowing users to take a small bottle of Überlube wherever they need to be.

Small and discreet enough that it could conveniently fit inside a purse, jacket or trouser pocket, the Überlube On the Go refills are best used with a Good to Go case, which will prevent the pump-action top being depressed, but can also be stored in a bedside drawer for whenever you need rapid access to a high quality silicone lubricant.

Each fitted with a pump-action head, Überlube On the Go 15ml refills dispense just the right amount of Überlube with each push, so whether you are using this silicone lubricant for hair styling, as a preventative measure for sports chafing or to improve sexual contact, you will always get the right amount.

Überlube has been created to offer people who need a silicone solution a thin formulation that lasts as long as it is being manipulated. When friction stops, Überlube evaporates, leaving the skin feeling moisturised; other silicone lubricants will cling and can be difficult to remove from the skin.

Each vial contains 15ml of Überlube silicone lubricant.