Viamax Tight Gel 15ml

Formulated just for women, Tight Gel is an advanced herbal formula made to tackle the problem of vaginal slackening, a natural occurrence suffered by millions of women.

Loss of vaginal tightness can occur for many reasons and there are long-term solutions to the problem. However, for those who want to temporarily enjoy that extra feeling of closeness during intimacy Tight Gel could be the solution.

Tight Gel vaginal tightening gel uses a range of proprietary herbal ingredients that are said to offer a range of sexual benefits, but the main responses enjoyed are tightening of the vaginal muscles and the stimulus of additional natural lubrication.

Tight Gel helps to stimulate the vaginal muscles, provoking a clenching response in the vaginal muscles. Used regularly, this may actually help overall vaginal tightness and muscle control.