Vodka Pleezer - Black Knight

Black Knight Vodka Pleezer is the male masturbator that feels just like the real thing!

Fans of anal sex will be delighted to hear that the discreetly designed Vodka Pleezer now comes in anal form the Black Knight. Subtly shaped to look like a bottle of alcohol, if anyone catches a glimpse of your Black Knight when they shouldn't, they won't realise the naughty secret hidden within.

Masturbator sleeves are arguably the most pleasing toys available on the male market. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them about and they don't exactly look like the most discreet objects available. To solve this problem, the Vodka Pleezer has been designed for men who enjoy a wank, but don't want others to know they enjoy using toys.

The Vodka Pleezer Black Knight has been sculpted to mimic the sensation enjoyed by anal lovers. Featuring a realistic anal entrance, the smooth narrow channel below lets you simulate the feeling of anal sex, making wank time much more pleasing than using your hand.