Wand Essentials Adjustable 220v Purple

This adjustable massage vibrator is a high quality aid from the well-known Wand Essentials brand. A powerful mains-driven motor vibrates the head to create a motion that can range from the soothing to the supremely satisfying.

Unlike some wand massagers, this model is totally adjustable and can be set to vibrate at the precise frequency required through the use of a rotating dial set into the shaft of the device. Capable of one-handed operation, it is the perfect way to have total control over the precise level of stimulation desired.

The gentle but firm head radiates vibrations to the most sensitive and sensuous areas of the body and the power of the stimulation can be gradually increased or decreased and directed to the precise area where its effect will be enjoyed and appreciated the most. It is also the most perfect accessory whether you’re receiving pleasure, treating a partner, or simply enjoying the tingling and tantalising experience all on your own.

Because the Wand Essentials adjustable massage vibrator is main powered with a 57 inch cord there will never be any worry of the batteries running down at the critical moment – and it is always ready to go whenever the desire to use it arises.