Wand Essentials Bird of Paradise Tip

Of the many attachments available for wand massage vibrators there are few that can match the Wand Essentials Bird of Paradise tip for the sheer, undiluted pleasure it can bring.

Made from smooth, shiny PVC and coloured a striking and exotic purple it attaches easily to the head of virtually all wand massage vibrators to create a uniquely stimulating and quite breathtaking sexual experience.

Enjoyable and easy to use with or without lubricant, it has been designed to match the anatomy perfectly, following internal contours and being capable of reaching out to the erogenous zones where it will be able to make waves of ecstatic pleasure course through the entire body.

Many users have commented that Its name, Bird of Paradise, has been well chosen to reflect the destinations of sheer satisfaction to which it has transported them.

With a curved shape and a 3.5 inch insertable length (and 5 inch overall length) it can also be a real pleasure generator when it is used to gently caress the clitoris, perineum or anus. By subtly adjusting the angle and combining this with the various settings that some wand vibrators feature the results can be quite earth-shattering.