Wand Essentials Sweet Pea Thrill U Tip

The Wand Essentials Sweet Pea Thrill U Tip is a very special and very versatile wand attachment indeed.

Ideal for all mid-sized wand vibrators with vibrating heads of around 1.88 inches in diameter, it has two special features that make it so adaptable.

The first feature is its precisely contoured shape which has been designed to cup many different parts and erogenous zones of the body - from the area round the labias and clitoris to the nipples and even the anus and perineum. Wherever it is used, its second main feature really comes into play.

As its name suggests, the internal surface of the Thrill U Tip is completely covered with hundreds of small, firm Thrill U Tips through which the wand’s tantalising vibrations are transmitted – and the more the wand’s power is turned up, the more the user is turned on. Of course, the extra addition of any water-based lube makes for an even more sensuous experience and even more Thrill U fun.

The Sweet Pea Thrill U Tip is made from hard-wearing TPR and is an attractive shade of purple. It is also very easy to wash after use with ordinary soap and water.