Zeus Electrosex 2 Channel Digital Power Box

The Zeus Deluxe Digital Electrosex Battery Powered Power Box is the perfect introduction to electro stimulation. By applying a mild and tingling electric current to any erogenous zone it can create unbelievable levels of sensation by stimulating the nerves.

The pack consists of a control box, and two snap clip leads which attach to four extra large adhesive pads through which the current is transmitted wherever it is desired.

At the heart of the system is the control box which has a number of features to make using it an unforgettable experience. It has twin channels which means that it can apply two kinds of electro stimulation to different parts of the body simultaneously, or even be used with a partner.

Each channel also has seven preset routines as well as an intensity adjustment to satisfy even the most demanding user. There is also an integral timer to help the user structure the session to their precise wishes and the digital display shows the mode being used as well as the intensity level that has been set.

The Zeus Deluxe Digital Electrosex Power Box is powered by 3 AAA batteries so it is easy to use anywhere with no need for a mains supply.