Zeus Electrosex Anal Plug

Anyone who has experienced anal pleasure will know just what a sensitive area of the body this is with a very high concentration of nerve endings as well as the equally pleasurable area around the prostate. The Zeus Anal Plug has been designed to generate the very highest levels of pleasure by passing a gentle electric current across this whole region.

This Anal Plug can be used with any Zeus power box whether powered by the mains or battery and is the perfect way to transmit the many modes and levels of electrical intensity made possible through these machines.

It is made from a smooth, conductive material just made for intense anal play. Its tapered cone shape mans it slips in with ease and its 4.625 inch insertable length and 2 inch maximum width produces a very pleasing and filling sensation with being overpowering. The plug also has a flared base which allows it to be inserted for longer, and easily removed when its work is done.

Whether combined with masturbation, or just used on its own, the Zeus Electrosex Anal Plug will take anal play into a whole new area and one which is quite literally electric.