Zeus Electrosex Beginner E Stim Kit

For anyone who has never experienced the unique pleasure electrosex, the Zeus E-Stim Beginners Battery Powered Electrosex Kit is the perfect way to start. It works by applying a mild and tingling electric current to nerves, muscles and skin which, although completely safe, can have some very intense effects.

This beginner’s kit consists of the main control box which is connected by two leads to the user’s choice of four extra-large adhesive pads or gentle clamps - or a combination of the two. Once connected, the gently tingling current is transmitted wherever the pads or clamps are applied.

The main control box has a number of controls which can be adjusted as the mood suits or until the precisely desired level of stimulation is achieved. These include the adjustment of the amplitude, rate and intensity of the current which are described as the pulse width and the pulse rate. After just a few minutes’ experimentation it is simple to find the desired setting.

The control box also has two channels which enable the user to experience two different kinds of stimulation or even to share them with a partner. It also creates an almost infinite range of possibilities.

The box is powered by one 9 volt battery to provide long-lasting and portable power.